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“The Bach flower remedies Arty recommended for my particular needs I felt really helped. I felt the tincture strengthened me. I can only describe it as if dots within were getting connected. It’s so hard to accurately describe subtle healing, but I felt like healing was happening within.” 

Deborrah Simmons

Classroom Assistant

I found it surprising that the Bach Flower Remedy that Arty selected for me worked so quickly and effectively. After just a few days, on reflecting, I found that all my worries and concerns seem to have evaporated into thin air! Arty is so easy to talk to, and so accepting of anything one might say that along with her skill and experience, she was able to suggest the exact right combination of remedies. The emotions which can cause us such grief, and which can be so debilitating, I have found, thanks to Arty’s help, can be tamed and kept in their place with Bach Flower Remedies.

Dr Jan Ensum

“To care for others is an act of love and compassion, I think. Arty is not just an excellent professional, she is also kind and sensitive to the needs of others.”
Cissa McLean