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About me

Who am I? This is such an existential question that many of us do not think twice to answer. However it is quiet a deep question and sometimes does require some thought and attention. Well my name is Arty and I am here to help you on your journey to discover yourself and assist you to restore balance.  This implicitly implies that I am in balance myself otherwise it would be blind leading the blind.  Well I would hope so at least most the times and I have many tools to help me on the way.  This is main reason I created this website which is to share with you some life changing techniques that I have learned.  I keep on learning all the time which is the reason why my CPD (continue professional development) folder keeps increasing in size that even I cannot keep up.  My adorable husband always keeps telling not another course again!  There are some things in life that you just must do.

So a little background about myself. I come from a asian family which moved to Canary Islands.  So I was born in beautiful costal holiday island called Gran Canaria.  The night before I was born my mother went for a refreshing walk on the marina and then before she knew it she was rushed to hospital which was near by and I came.  So my coming in this world was definitely close to nature specifically the sea. That may be the reason why I always with the flow, the flow of water the flow of life.  One of my strengths is adaptability. I may make a big fuss if things do not go my way but eventually it all fades away and I surrender to the present moment.  That is not a weakness, absolute surrender to the present is the ideal and there are ways to achieve it.

I came to the UK with a group of friends and studied in boarding school in another costal town Eastborne for a couple of years. Since then I completed a 1st class degree in Psychology and an MSc in International Securities, Investment and Banking.  I fulfilled my father’s dream and worked in the city for five years within International Asset Management Compliance in London.  So I am really good making rules, writing procedures and breaking them too! I also gathered another five years of retail and commercial banking experience when I moved to Birmingham in a national building society.

I responded to my calling of helping others which was the reason I pursed my degree in Psychology and I retrained in complimentary health which I have been practicing since 2005 and teaching since 2016.  My studies include aromatherapy, ayurvedic studies, auricular therapy, bach flower remedies, coaching, cognitive behaviour therapy(CBT), emotional freedom technique, (EFT), fertility massage, fertile body method, foot health, foot reading, matrix reimprinting, mindfulness neurolinguistic programming (NLP), pilates, reflexology, vegan nutrition and well woman yoga.