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Like most of you reading this blog I came across the Bach Flower remedies by using the Crisis Remedy also known as the Rescue Remedy.  The power of the star of Bethlehem worked extremely well and helped me grieve and go through my overwhelm.

I had experienced a still birth and exactly 8 weeks later my father passed away.  Being an only child I had to cope and be strong for everyone else including myself that I just did not have time to grieve.  I just wanted to everything to go through quickly so that things were just settled and impatiens was another remedy in the Rescue Remedy that helped me slow down and address my grief.

These wonderful essences gave me the space and stillness to witness my emotions and be kind to myself.  I had not cried wholeheartedly because I was programmed to be strong and carry on.  I would not be exaggerating if I would say that the yellow bottle actually saved my life and my marriage leave alone to mention it prevented me from going into deep depression.

So have you tried the rescue remedy?  Why did you take it?  How did it help? Everyone’s journey is different yet we are all united in trying to save ourselves in this world.  This is the reason I trained to become a Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner.  I wanted to share with everyone this powerful , gentle and effective remedy.  Everyone should have access to these natural essences that can be found in your garden to heal yourself.

I am going to share within these blogs the different remedies including the five flower essences in the rescue remedy and much much more  about the Bach Flower Remedies.