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Discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, a noted and successful physician and bacteriologist during the 1920s and 1930s, the Bach Flower Remedy system is unique in that it directly addresses negative states of minds, moods and emotions to help bring back balance and peace of mind. The 38 individual Remedies address everyday emotional ups and downs, and can be used safely by all ages and can safely be taken alongside conventional and complementary treatments with no side effects.


Dr. Bach was a noted and highly respected Physician. He also worked as a Pathologist and Bacteriologist in the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital. From his early training, his subsequent work and knowledge of homoeopathy, he became more interested in the patients themselves than their illnesses. His keen and interested observations of human nature led him to believe that physical disease was not of a physical origin, but due to an individual’s personality and emotions. Dr. Bach believed that when negative thoughts and emotions were overcome, then the body’s self-healing system would respond. This led Dr. Bach to embark on his life’s work of searching for safe and natural remedies.


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